I’m so ready to go back home.  I’m really fucking tired.

God, I knew it was a bad idea to go drinking

last night.  I didn’t get a hang-over or any fucking sleep.

And I just got on the shuttle and I found a random seat.

I might be a little late for class, but only a few minutes

at the most.  So the worst is that I’ll just miss the beginning.

There’s a girl that I saw in the crowd.  She caught my eye.

There’s something strange about her.  For some reason

I can’t get her off my mind.

Ok, she just sat in her seat.  That cute girl right across from me,

I think I’ve seen her once before but I’m not sure exactly

where.  Oh yeah!  It was two days ago.  She came in after I did

like she did today.  Is this coincidence or did she plan it?

I think she might be Indian.  Her skin is brown; her cheekbones sit real high.

She has on a lot of make-up. Her face looks white.

I think that when I saw her last she had on cut-off shorts.

But today she has a mini-skirt on.  Skinny legs, of course!

And although I think she’s cute and all, she’s really not my type.

No, I’d prefer a bigger woman.  No, she’s not the kind I like.

I’d prefer a bigger woman with a fuller face and wider hips

and fuller thighs.  And then throw in a nice big pair of tits?

Now you’re talking!  Anyway, it doesn’t matter.  Shit!  My

fucking phone’s vibrating.  Let me go take a look

and see who’s got something to say.

It’s nothing, just some emails and Facebook notifications.

Man, this shit is fucking lame right now.  It’s all the same shit…

HEY!  What the fuck was that?  Did I see what I think I fucking saw?

Let me check again.  Oh Jesus Christ!  Lord, I can see her drawers.

God!  She knows she’s got a skirt on, and a mini one at that.

How’s she going to open up her legs and just show me

her snatch?  Turn your head!  Don’t fucking look!

She’s wearing small peach-coloured panties.  I did not

intend to see that shit.  It all happened by chance.

This is awkward, man.  And I can’t turn my head.

When I do, I get a view of what she has between her legs.

Maybe she’s not aware.  But wait!  She has to be!

No woman just sits down and opens up her legs so casually.

There must be some witchcraft involved.  It’s odd that she

would flash me just like this.  Wait a fucking minute!

Could it be that this girl likes this shit?  I bet she does!

Just look at her there texting on her phone, acting like

she doesn’t have a clue.  She knows she’s not alone.

And she sees me sitting over here.  I’m not

fucking invisible.  People who do shit like this for

attention are despicable.  She’s fighting with her headphones now.

They’re all tangled and knotted.  Shit!  I bet she does

this kind of shit because she thinks it’s hot to just go

flashing random strangers.  Who meets people that way?

It’s not like I’m going to start a conversation with her

pussy in my face like this.  I can’t deal with this fucking

shit.  Let me check my fucking phone and pick my eyes up

off the floor.  I’ve been staring at it long enough.  I might as well

look up now.  What the fuck?!?  She’s looking at me now!

Staring at me…smiling.  And her panties are still visible.

I see it in her eyes that she’s enjoying this.

She knows I saw her panties.  Now she’s laughing.

Wait!  It’s not just a laugh.  She’s getting louder.

Now, she’s fucking cackling!

“Did you like to see my panties?  Should I pull them

to side so you can see my lovely pussy?

It’s such a sight for the eyes!”

What the fuck is going on now?  Why is no one

else reacting?  Does no one fucking hear this shit?

I look around then back at her.

“Don’t worry about them.  They can’t hear a fucking

word I say.  No one can see us talking.  There’s no need

to look away.  I know you want to see my pussy.

I can hear your thoughts.  I know you think that I’m really

too thin.  But then I also know your cock is throbbing

in your pants.  The moment that you caught a glimpse

between my legs, visions of being in between them

danced within your head.  Don’t be shy.  I think I like

you.  Don’t deny that you like me.  Take a look between

my legs again and tell me what you see.”

I try to fight the urge, but something’s pulling my

attention.  It’s calling me to take a peek.  It’s literally

begging.  And it’s getting louder.  I can feel it filling up

my mind.  My thoughts are overcome and I’m doing my best.

I’m trying not to look.  I close my eyes and then I hear

her fucking laughing.  “You can fight me all you want,

but I promise that you won’t win.  You men are weak.

You act like you don’t want it…you don’t need it.  But

I know that you’re just dying to be all up in between

my thighs.  I know you can’t resist the feeling, so don’t even

try.  Open up your eyes and take a peek.  It’ll be worth your while…”

She keeps talking.  The voices in my head are getting louder.  It’s really

hard to not give in.  Oh my God!  And now, I feel a wetness

building underneath my nose.  I put my fingers to it.

Then I open up my eyes to see the colour of the fluid.

It’s a blackish red.  My nose is bleeding.  She’s still

fucking laughing.  I look up and glance between her legs.

I think I’m going mad.  I see maggots crawling all about,

dripping down from her seat on to the floor.  Her legs are

wide open, and then she starts to bleed.  Her blood is the

same shade as what’s flowing from my nose.  The maggots are

crawling on the floor and mixing with the flow

of blood.  “Keep looking, you sick bastard.  I knew that you

couldn’t fight it.  I know all about you men.  You’re all

so weak.  Don’t you deny it.  So now why don’t you

get on your knees?  Crawl over to my pussy.  Wipe away

the blood and maggots and give it a little kiss.  You sick,

demented puppy.  Get down on your knees right now!

Don’t you ever disobey when I speak to you!”  The sound

of her voice has changed.  I swear to God, she sounds

just like a demon.  There’s still voices shouting in my head

and my nose is still bleeding.  Then something compels me

to stand.  I rise out of my seat.  “Now my sad pathetic

pussy-puppy, get down on your knees!”  I collapse

to the floor.  I know it’s steel coated with a sheet of

rubber.  I can feel the metal underneath.  “Now come

on over, lover.”  I pitch forward on my hands and her pussy

is within reach.  My palms are caked with blood.  I feel the

maggots underneath.  My eyes are getting cloudy now.  I think

they might be bleeding.  I’m not sure because there isn’t any

pain.  The only feeling is the throbbing in my knees from when

I dropped down to the floor.  “That’s right, keep coming baby.

Come forward a little more.”  I swear it’s like she’s giving birth

to an endless stream of maggots all while simultaneously having

a separate miscarriage.  Even though I try to fight it, my body

will not comply.  And all too suddenly, her pussy is at level with

my eyes.  “That’s right, baby.  Pucker up and get ready to get a

kiss.  Tell me how it feels to have my blood and maggots on your

lips.”  I feel myself thrust forward and the moment my lips touch,

the bus pulls to a sudden stop and my eyes open up.  I must have

dozed off sometime shortly after I sat down.  I clean my eyes and

wipe my mouth, and then I look around.  “This is Langdale Hall.

For everyone getting ready to leave, check your seats for your

wallets and your cellphone and your keys.”  The driver opens up the

door and the other start to leave.  I’m not sure of what was going on.

Was that shit just a dream? I’m still a little startled

and I’m not sure what to think.  When I look over at that chick again,

she smiles at me and winks.  A chill runs through my body and I hear

her voice inside my head.  “Too bad we had to cut this short my special

sexy friend.  But I like you, so we’ll play again.  You will see more

of me either somewhere here on campus, or at night when you’re asleep.

I own you now, my pretty thing.  I own those sexy lips.  You should

really wipe your nose because some blood’s about to drip.”  I

wipe my nose and notice the bright redness on my palm.  “See you,

lover.”  She walks off the bus and quickly disappears into the crowd

of other students on the sidewalk.  As the icy grip of fear grabs hold,

I don’t know what to do.  I start to shiver. I pick up my bag, walk off

the bus.  Could this just be the liquor that I drank last night?  I’m not

sure, but I quickly head to class.  I need to figure something out.

Along the way, I wipe my nose as drops of blood fall to the ground.


Shower To Shower

She turns the water off and then she steps out of the shower

onto the soft, white bathroom mat.  She reaches for her

towel and she wipes the water off her face, then dries

her arms and breasts.  She runs the towel from her stomach

right down to her legs.  And after she dries her body off,

she then walks up to the sink where she looks at her reflection.

And then she starts to think about all of her

imperfections: my breasts are way too big; God,

imagine what they’ll look like after I start having kids;

and my stomach needs a lot of work; Jesus, I’m

fucking fat; I needs to tighten up my arms and legs;

oh God, my ass.  And she keeps this up for quite a while.

She starts to scrutinize every aspect from her stretch-marks on

her stomach to her thighs. It’s all ugly in her eyes, and she wonders what he sees.

“God, I’m so fucking gross,” she thinks.  “Why would he stay

with me when I have this fucking cellulite, this belly and

these tits?  I’m not the least bit sexy, and I can’t see why he’d ever

want to put his dick inside me.  God, men are fucking weird.

I look like shit, and we still have sex like he doesn’t care

that my body’s far from perfect.  I mean look at

all this flab.  I bet he wishes that my fucking belly was

as flat as those skinny bitches in all of his

Playboy magazines.  And if he wants that then why is his

ass still here with me?  Could it be that he’s just killing time

until he finds that kind of girl?  And after they hook-up will

he just kick me to the curb?  God, I just don’t fucking know.

I need to lose some weight.”  And she just continues on that note

without taking a break.  “But then why should I change up?” she

asks.  “Why should I please that jerk?  And if he can’t love me for

myself, then this thing just won’t work.  I might not be fucking

perfect, but I have a lot to give.  And who really gives a

fuck if I can’t see my fucking ribs?  If that motherfucker’s

wants a skinny bitch, that’s not my problem. He’s got shallow

fucking issues, and it’s not my job to solve them.”  And before she leaves

the bathroom, they’ll be broken up and back together 6 or 7 times.  It’s

all inside her mind.  And he’ll never know she’s demonized

him, then re-deified him.  He’s oblivious to all of this

and later when he comes by, it’s likely that she may slap

him.  Oh yes, their love is crazy.  But neither of them

would want to have it any other way.  And the fact they’re

still together is motherfucking miracle.  It’s really quite ridiculous.

But no one’s ever said that young love needs to

make much sense  And they’ll spend the night together.

First they’ll kiss, and then they’ll fight.  She’ll say

they never ever do anything that she likes.  And he’ll

try to bring his counter argument, but he’ll still

fail.  She’ll never take a loss; he’ll get tangled up

in her trail of suppositions and her endless

possibilities.  But soon, they’ll somehow find

themselves naked and kissing, so consumed

with passion that no one remembers how it

started.  But it ends, with both of them wrapped

up together, making their amends.  And despite

all of the drama, she knows that he’d never leave.

And anyone can tell she wears her heart upon

her sleeve.  And the evening leads into the sunrise,

and he heads back home.  But she feels reassured and there’s

just one thing that she knows.  And that is that

he loves her despite all her imperfections.  It doesn’t matter

to him what she sees in her reflection  When he looks at

her he sees the only woman that he needs.  And from now

on she’ll make sure the mirror stays completely steamed.

Up At Dawn

            The alarm goes off, its piercing shriek jarring me awake.  My eyes are open wide now and I’m staring at the headboard.  I guess I must have rolled over on my stomach.

            “Oh Jesus Christ!” she wails.  “Babe, turn that fucking thing off!”

            I look up at the clock, its bright red flashing numbers providing the only source of visible light in this pitch black room.  I lazily extend my left arm upwards, and I flick the switch off.  It’s just after 5 am.

            “Thank you, God,” she groans as she breathes a sigh of relief.  “Remind me again whose bright idea it was to get up this early on a fucking Saturday?”

            “I’m starting to wonder myself,” I say.  “I must have forgotten that I’m not a morning person.  Well, too late now.”

            I drag myself out of bed and I stumble into the bathroom.  I close the door behind me, and I slowly turn on the dimmer so that I can get some soft light.  I’d like to see what I’m doing, and I’d prefer to not piss all over the bathroom floor.  It’s times like this that I took my wife’s recommendation:

            “Babe, a regular switch is just going to flood the room with bright light, and that can be a real fucking bitch on your eyes if you turn that shit on in the middle of the night.  Besides, you know that I sleep on my right shoulder because my left arm can be a cunt if I lie on it for too long.  And that means that I sleep facing the bathroom.  Do yourself a favour, and please get the dimmer switch so that you won’t wake me up in the middle of the night…and I won’t have to punch you in the dick.”

            Needless to say, we went with the dimmer because I love my wife…and my dick.

            I quickly wash and dry my hands, and then I turn the dial to dim the lights before I open the bathroom door.  I can see the faint glow of morning light behind the black bedroom curtains.  It’s 5:05 now, and sunrise should be in about twenty minutes.  And this is why I set the alarm for 5 am.

            We haven’t been up to share a sunrise together for a few months now.  Not because of anything specific, but because neither of us wants to get up that fucking early.

            “Watching the sunrise together is so fucking sweet, babe,” she says.  “We can snuggle up together, wrapped up in our blanket, and breathing in the fresh morning air as we watch the sun come up over the horizon…and then we can fuck each other silly.  Now that’s really fucking hot.”

            And that was all she had to say.  I might not be a morning person, but the promise of sex always gets me up early.  And so I figured that I’d up the romantic ante a bit, and that we’d watch the sunrise outside on the deck.  We don’t have any neighbours, so we could just chill out there, snuggled up in our blanket and watching the sunrise.  And plus we could fuck without having to worry about anyone seeing us.

            We’re on the deck now, and there’s a chill in the air.  It’s mid-June, but we live near the water, and so the ocean breeze has a way of cooling down the early morning air.  We’re on a large futon, snuggled up in a king size blanket and watching as the sun sleepily creeps up over the horizon.

            “It looks like you’re a little excited about the sunrise, babe,” she laughs.

            By the way, we’re also naked.  Granted, we do sleep naked, and we do have a tendency to walk around the house sans-clothing.  It’s just a habit that we’ve picked up seeing as how we don’t have any immediate neighbours.  We don’t make it a habit of walking (or in this case, sitting) in the cold morning air though.  Shit, I’m getting fucking goosebumps right now, and it seems that she is too.

            “Babe, it’s fucking cold out here,” she says.  “Can we just get back in bed?”

            “But the sun is coming up,” I say.  “It’ll be warm soon enough.  Just wait and give it a few minutes.”

            “Babe, my nipples are hard enough to fucking cut glass,” she says.  “Feel them!”

            You know, they ARE pretty fucking hard.  Still, I don’t mind hard nipples.  That’s pretty fucking hot.

            “Stop perving on me,” she shouts.  “And don’t try to tell me that you’re not because I can feel your dick poking me in my back, you fucker.”

            “Hey now,” I say, “that’s not exactly my fault.  You can’t tell me to feel your nipples and then not expect me to get hard.  Besides, my dick has a mind of its own.”

            “Mmmhmm,” she says.  “Right!  So anyway, I’m going inside and going back to bed.  You are welcome to join me.”

            At this point, I suppose that I’m not really in a position to argue.  It isn’t really that comfortable out here, and I would rather be in bed right now.  Plus she’s taking the blanket with her.

            We’re back inside the bedroom now, and it feels so good.  The bed feels so much better than the futon, and it’s a hell of a lot warmer.  I don’t know why the fuck I thought that it was a good idea to watch the sunrise out in the cold.

            “So tell me again why you thought I’d enjoy watching the sunrise out in the cold, babe?” she asks.

            “Well,” I say, “you did say you wanted to watch the sunrise.”

            “Yes,” she responds, “but I never said I wanted to freeze my ass off in the fucking cold, babe.”

            I guess that’ll teach me to not go overboard and get all fancy with my romantic gestures.

            “Doesn’t it feel so much better to watch the sunrise through the window, inside the bed where it’s warm, babe?” she asks.  “Doesn’t pulling the curtains across beat the shit out of being in the fucking cold?”

            She has a point.  I have to admit that being inside is a lot better than being out in the cold morning air.  The sun is coming up over the horizon now.

            “Now this is fucking beautiful, babe,” she says.  “It was a good idea.”

            We’re spooning now and her skin feels really warm.  Her ass feels so good up against my dick too.  It’s so nice and soft.  Shit like this makes marriage feel all the more worthwhile.

            “It looks like your friend is happy to be back inside too,” she laughs.

            “Dat ass, babe,” I laugh.  “It’s all about dat ass!  It has nothing to do with being inside.”

            “Oh really?” she asks.  “Well maybe it’s time I paid him some special attention.”

            “Go with the feeling,” I say.  “You won’t get any resistance from me.”

            “You’re a smart man,” she says.  “I knew there was a reason I married you.”

            “It’s because of my dick,” I say.

            “Oh yeah,” she says.  “There’s always that.  Now excuse me for a sec while give I that special dick of yours a kiss.”

            “Go right ahead,” I say.  “Go right ahead.”

One Fine Friday Afternoon…

It’s 5 o’clock Friday afternoon when Darien gets a call
“Wake up now, Mister Taylor. It’s time to go wash your balls.”
It’s Bella Vespucci on the line; she’s such a raging cunt
“Get up! Jump in the shower! You need to go wash your junk!
I’ve scheduled you an appointment with this chick that wants to fuck.
She’s in her early 40’s, and she’s loaded. We’re in luck.
She’s some high paid professional. She doesn’t have a man.
She tries to get some dick in whenever the fuck she can.”
“Ok, that’s cool,” he tells her. “But how did this come about?
It isn’t like we advertise. We don’t hand flyers out.
So how is it that you managed to find someone who was willing?
What was it that you told her? That I do this for a living?”
“I met her at the strip club,” says Bella. “She came last night.
I saw her when she walked in and I pegged her for the type.
She looked like she was out of place. That’s not where she belongs.
And so I walked up to her and I asked her what was wrong.
We chatted for a while and I bought her a couple drinks.
And pretty soon, she opened up. That bird began to sing.”
“Are you for real?” asks Darien. “How long did all this take?”
“Come on,” says Bella. “Give me some credit, for fuck’s sake.
I’m very fucking calming, and I put people at ease.
So people tend to open up and tell me what they need.
So anyway, she opened up and told me she wants dick.
She’s single, never married, early 40’s with no kids.
She’s just in town for business. She’ll be here for two more days.
She’s really fucking horny and needs to get fucking laid.”
“And that’s where I come in,” he says. “How did you set that up?”
“I fed her lots of drink and she said she wanted to fuck.
She said she prefers guys, and she’s curious to try girls.
So I told her that your dick was just out of this fucking world.”
He starts to laugh and tells her, “Well, thank you for your kind words.”
“Who’s being kind?” she asks him. “I’m putting your ass to work.
There are horny bitches out there that need to get fucking laid.
You’ve got that donkey dick, and we’re going to get fucking paid.
Now go and take a bath and get ready for tonight’s session.
I’ll talk to her some more so I can get all the directions.”
“Ok, no prob,” he tells her. “Do I need to wear a suit?
Is that the kind of thing she likes? I want to set the mood.”
“No, none of that,” says Bella. “A T-shirt and jeans is fine.
She’s looking for some fun. She needs to get work off her mind.
You’re young! Have fun! That’s what she wants. She needs a change of pace.
Just fuck her good and leave her with a smile upon her face.”
“Ok, I’ll do my best,” he says. “Let me go get cleaned up.”
“Alright, I’ll call you back,” she says. “In fact, you know…guess what?
Since this is your first assignment, you shouldn’t go out alone.
So I’ll come pick you up, and I can be your chaperone.
I’ll make sure that your clothes look good. I want you nice and hot.
I’ll drive you to the hotel and wait in the parking lot.”
“The parking lot’s so hot,” he says. “Why not just come inside?
Or even drive back home? I might be in there for a while.”
“Don’t worry about me,” she says. “Focus your mind on sex.
I want you to give this bitch a night that she’ll never forget.
I need you to fuck her really well. We’re setting up your brand.
Give her the kind of sex she won’t get from another man.”
“Alright Bella, just chill,” he says. “You’re going to make me nervous.
If you keep talking that way, then I’m going to end up discouraged.”
“No need for all of that,” she says. “I’ll give you a few tricks.
There’s so much more to sex than just using your fucking dick.
You’re going to need to cram it, but we’ll get it all worked out.
I’ll have you using your fingers and that sexy fucking mouth.
Enough with all the talking! You need to go take a shower.
Take your time and get ready. I’ll pick you up in an hour.
And while you’re in the shower, I suggest you go jerk off.
I don’t want you cumming early, so empty your reservoir.
And as an extra precaution, I’m testing you with my mouth.
If you got one in the chamber, then I’m going to suck it out.
So go ahead and get ready. Start taking care of your cock.
The moment that you get out this car, that dick is on the clock.
I’ll be there in an hour. Make sure you’re ready to go.
Remember this is for money, so handle it like a pro.”
They each say their goodbyes and then quickly get off the phone
“You know,” he says, “I don’t think she suspects I’m not alone.”
He turns and looks at Rosa and flashes a handsome smile
“No need to rush,” she tells him. “She won’t be here for a while.”
She’s in his bed buck-naked except for his satin sheets
She pulls them off and asks, “Tell me, do you like what you see?”
Her nipples are nice and hard, and he can tell her pussy’s wet
“I think that we can pull it off,” he winks at her and says
“Besides, she did suggest that I empty my fucking clip.”
“I couldn’t agree more,” she says. “Now come give me some dick!”


She feels his dick get stiffer as she holds it in her hand
“That’s right,” she whispers to him, “you love it, you nasty man.
You love the taste of her pussy. I’ll tell you, I love it too.
We share a special connection, the three of us in this room.
No one will understand it, but I prefer it this way.
I could tell that you were different when I first saw you that day.
There was something dark about you lurking under your façade.
And where others saw a church mouse, I could see a demigod.”
Their lips are barely touching, but their eyes are tightly locked
He feels the tension growing; he’s praying it doesn’t stop
“Why don’t you turn around?” he asks. “Show me you lovely back.”
And as she turns around, he gives her ass a little slap
She purrs to show approval and tells him, “Do it again!”
He happily obliges and rapidly swings his hand
He slaps her from the left side and the right side in a rhythm
He really starts to enjoy it; there’s just something about these women
He’s feeling so goddamn powerful; it’s like he’s in control
It’s like he’s fucking made for this; he feels it in his soul
And as she moans with desire, he takes a hold of his dick
Inching close behind to line up with her pussy lips
He rubs his dick between them to see just how wet she is
“Oh Jesus Christ,” he tells himself. “I fucking love this shit.”
“Don’t you dare fucking tease me,” says Rosa with some frustration
“I’m really fucking horny. God, I should just call you Satan.
I want your fucking dick in me, Darien. Stop wasting time.
Even though you fucked my sister, remember that you’re still mine.”
“Oh of course,” he quickly tells her while cracking a little smile
“You’re really fucking evil,” she tells him. “I love your style.”
He fights to hold the laughing back; it’s hard to keep it in
And as he slides his dick inside her, he feels a shock through his skin
“Oh God, I fucking love your dick,” she squeals with pure delight
“Oh fuck me, baby. Deeper! You know that’s the shit I like.”
He plunges deep inside her and feels her pussy contract
With one hand on her shoulder, the other flat on her back
He’s pumping harder and deeper; she feels him hitting the top
It’s really driving her crazy; she doesn’t want him to stop
“Oh God, I fucking love it,” her voice is getting so loud
Breathing deeply and moaning like there’s no one else around
Bella crawls over to him, and starts licking on his nipple
Sucking and lightly pulling it; it really fucking tickles
“I know you love it, baby,” she whispers now as he moans
“And when you’re finished with Rosa, I want get you all alone.”
It blew his fucking mind that he had earned Bella’s respect
And as he’s balls-deep in Rosa, Bella starts to lick his neck
She starts kissing and sucking it, looking to leave her mark
Running her hand across his chest to feel his beating heart
She nibbles on his earlobe and softly brushes his cheek
While Rosa’s pussy grabs him and works to milk out his seed
As every thrust goes deep, he can feel her pussy contract
Just churning his fucking dick, all while Bella licks down his back
The feeling is so ecstatic; it’s travelled down to his balls
He’s ready to blow his load and just cover the fucking walls
He quickly pulls his dick out, and slaps Rosa on her ass
Then he starts jerking his dick and pumps his load out on her back
“Oh give it to me, Darien,” Rosa then starts to coo
“I love to feel hot cum on me. I didn’t think you knew.
I love that kinky, dirty shit. I want it more and more.
You can tie me up and slap me and call me your dirty whore.”
“I didn’t know that,” he tells her. “I’ll have to keep that in mind.
I love learning all your fetishes. It’s going to take some time.
Tell me your darkest fantasies, and I’ll bring them to life.
Let me know what your fetish is, and I’ll do what you like.”
Bella whispers into his ear, “I love that dick of yours.
I want to feel you inside me. You rocked me right to my core.”
“You’re like the fucking devil. I love it,” Rosa chimes in
He slaps her ass once more and rubs his cum into her skin
The three of them get snuggled up and talk among themselves
And Bella says, “Your dick could be an awesome source of wealth.
We need to get lonely bitches to come and pay you to fuck.
Widows! Lonely professionals! You’ve got the magic touch.
We’ll find some lonely women with husbands that roll in cash.
You can be all sweet and gentle, or even just pound that ass.
It’s really up to the woman. You can meet all of her needs.
And in return, she’ll tip you generously as she leaves.”
“That’s not a bad idea,” he says. “What a way to get paid.
Fucking these rich old women that are dying to get laid”
“I love your sexy brown skin,” says Rosa now in a shout
“You look fucking exotic. You should let your hair grow out.
Let it grow to your shoulders. It’ll drive the ladies wild.
I can guarantee that they’ll beg you to carry your fucking child.”
“That’s fucking right,” says Bella. “We’re going to be fucking rich.
Imagine the money we can make off just one wealthy bitch.
They all have wealthy husbands that love to fuck girls at work.
I can bet you that they’re all dying to stick it to those jerks.
If you can fuck them like you fucked us, then they will not stand a chance.
We’re going to do this, Darien. You’re just the perfect man.”
And as the three of them lie there, a business plan is born
Thinking up new, creative ways to profit off of scorn
Fulfilling secret fantasies that lonely women have
And giving them an outlet whenever they’re feeling mad
And that’s just what a woman needs, a way to relieve stress
A man that fucks her hard and shoots his load across her breasts
A man she can confide in; a person that she can trust
Who will slap her ass and pull her hair and treat her like a slut
“You’re very fucking talented,” says Bella, “but hold on.
With just the right fine tuning, you’ll be fucking like a god.”
“That’s fine by me,” he tells them. “I’m always willing to learn.
Take as long as you need, Bella. I’ve got lots of time to burn.”
“I’m glad to hear you say that,” say Rosa now with a smile
“We’ll take a couple of weeks, and you’ll be ready in no time.
You’ll need a brand new moniker. I like ‘The Incubus.’
There’s just something about you that inspires so much lust.
It’s unbelievable that we’ve never done this before.
Oh Darien, we’ll make you into the most perfect whore.”
And just like that, the die is cast; they now possess his soul
Pretty and Pink now have a handsome devil to control
To shape into an image of what all women desire
Making their panties moist as he’s setting their souls on fire
And after hand-on training, they’ll have whipped him into shape
Turning him into the kind of man that keeps the girls up late
Leading to lots of sleepless nights and soiling lots of sheets
Making it hard for them to walk or sit down in their seats
When everything is said and done, the monster’s been set free
Hunting for victims willing to pay him a hefty fee
They have no clue how this will work, how everything will run
They’re all just young and horny and looking to have some fun
Driving rich women crazy will be his new claim to fame
Giving these women what they need; it’s really all a game


Both girls look at each other in a moment of surprise
The both snap to their feet and immediately stand upright
They both hike up their skirts and quickly pull their panties off
Take look in his direction and give them a sporting toss
Their panties fly across the room and land upon his chest
He picks them up and starts to laugh and asks the girls, “What’s next?”
They start to do a striptease, first their skirts and then their tops
He finds it all seductive, just watching the pieces drop
And then their bras come off and come flying across the room
They gave a great performance and it ended all too soon
It’s obvious these sisters have mastered the art of tease
It’s hard to see how any man would not fall too his knees
Most men are so predictable, easily led by sex
Pussy manipulates them and they lose their whole paychecks
They simply can’t say no to a girl with a lovely face
Include a great fucking pair of tits and an hourglass shape
And then you have the perfect girl with all the perfect tools
Introduce the perfect victims; men are always perfect fools
Using money as the catalyst, irrespective of class
Even men of upper levels would sell their souls for some ass
And any one of them would kill to be a part of this scene
Here with two seductive women, he gets to play in-between
Pretty Pussy to the left of him, Pink Pussy on the right
Without a doubt, this turned into an awesome fucking night
They both stand there before him, so naked and so secure
So comfortable within their skin, yet their eyes say so much more
They slowly walk up to the bed, and as they climb on top
Bella pulls back the covers and starts to suck on his cock
Rosa squats down above him and tightly straddles his face
She says, “Ok now, Darien, why don’t you have a taste?”
As Bella kisses and licks the big purple head of his dick
Rosa grinds up against his face while sucks on her clit
He holds it snug between his lips, tickles it with his tongue
Bella swallows him down so far that she swears he’ll poke a lung
She feels his pubes tickle her lips; dear God, she loves this cock
It just goes on forever; she doesn’t know where it stops
It makes her wet to feel his dick throbbing inside her mouth
While Rosa is overcome by his eating her pussy out
Her breathing is quick and shallow; her rhythm is silky smooth
There’s no better place for Darien than right here in this room
The harder that he sucks her clit, the more she grinds his face
There’s just something hypnotic with the way she moves her waist
He grabs her ass with both his hands and he spreads her ass cheeks wide
First he’s fondling her asshole, then his finger slips inside
“Oh Jesus Fucking Christ,” she cries. “Baby, I love that shit.”
It all just goes so well with how Bella deep-throats his dick
She slowly pulls her head up; his dick is shiny and slick
There’s a chain of spit that trails from his dick head back to her lips
She wraps her tongue around it, sensations shoot through his flesh
He’s blown away by pleasure and struggles to catch his breath
She slides his cock between her teeth, gives it a gentle nibble
He struggles for control and he starts to tremble a little
It’s hard for him to focus on eating out Rosa’s pussy
Since Bella has his attention; she really is very pushy
Still despite all her best efforts, he brings Rosa to orgasm
She violently grinds into his face, her body rife with spasms
“Oh God,” she cries, “don’t fucking stop. “Keep sucking on my clit.”
His finger deep in her asshole, her pussy upon his lips
He manages to stop trembling; his finger slides out her ass
Her body is so exhausted; she’s ready to fucking crash
“Oh Jesus, that was amazing,” she tells him. “Give me a sec.
Your mouth is fucking crazy. Goddammit, I need to rest.”
“That’s fine by me,” says Bella. “I’ll have him all to myself.
You just lie down a second and try to reclaim your breath.
You just relax, Miss Pussy, and let me handle this dick.
Just lie there for a while now. Believe me, I got this shit.”
“Don’t get too overzealous,” Rosa tells her with a smile
“I’ll let you have your fun now. I’ll be back in a while.”
Bella smiles and softly laughs at the sound of her sister’s words
She ponders on Rosa’s words and thinks, “That bitch has got some nerve.”
Bella straddles his crotch and grabs a firm hold of his dick
She slowly lowers herself and lets it pierce her tight, hot slit
“Oh Jesus Christ,” she cries out. “Oh fuck me, that shit is big.
I swear to God, I feel your dick under my fucking ribs.”
She raises herself up slowly with both hands flat on his chest
She feels him deep inside her just throbbing under her flesh
She lowers herself back down and then raises herself back up
She loves the way he feels in her; she just can’t get enough
He feels her pussy tighten each time that he goes in deep
Her eyes are scrunched up tightly; she holds her lip in her teeth
He knows that she enjoys it; it’s written across her face
As ecstasy consumes her, she starts to pick up the pace
She feels him pumping deeper; she frantically works her hips
As he hits her on her g-spot while stimulating her clit
Her breathing and her moaning get louder with every stroke
They travel up through her body and linger within her throat
Rosa lays there admiring how Bella rides his dick
It gets her so aroused that she starts rubbing on her tits
She starts to pinch and squeeze on her nipples; she’s so turned on
Just waiting to get her chance with him; she knows it won’t be long
She’s familiar with Bella’s nuances, the way she bites her lip
The way that she likes to touch herself when she’s on someone’s dick
The way that she likes to purse her lips and lightly suck her tongue
Yeah Rosa knows all the hints of when Bella’s about to cum
She starts to play with her pussy; impatiently waiting her turn
She’s aching to get a piece of him; she starts to fucking squirm
Darien lies there amazed and enjoying his current state
This is the kind of shit he thinks of whenever he masturbates
But never would he imagine that fantasies can come true
For women to be this aggressive with him is all so new
When Rosa called him today, he wasn’t sure what to expect
He certainly didn’t think it would end up in threesome sex
With Rosa naked beside him, and Bella riding his dick
This happens in porno, but no one really does all this shit
At least that’s what he thought until he ended up before them
Wanting to strip him down; it’s clear tonight is far from boring
With him deep in Pretty Pussy while Pink Pussy waits to fuck
No one would ever think that he would have this kind of luck
“Oh fuck, baby,” says Bella while grinding atop his dick
Using the perfect angle to make sure he hits her clit
Her rhythm is hypnotic; it’s hard to follow her pace
As Rosa curls up beside him and grabs a hold of his face
She licks him on his cheek and then starts to nibble his lip
She slides her tongue into his mouth and says, “I love to taste your spit.
I want to feel you inside me. Goddammit!!! I need it now.
So hurry up with this cunt. I want to throw you around.”
She crawls over to her sister and starts to twist her nipple
She listens as Bella starts to moan; it makes her start to giggle
She slowly leans in and sucks on it and it makes her really hot
Her pussy is fucking wet and she can feel her juices drop
She starts to bite the nipple, and Bella cries really loud
She’s working his fucking dick like she’ll cum any minute now
“Oh God! Oh God! Oh fuck me!” her body begins to tremble
And right then was the moment that he would always remember
She starts to ride him faster and faster, and then she stops
And as she gets off of his dick, her cum explodes all down his cock
“Oh Jesus,” she cries out, “Darien, your dick’s the fucking devil.
I’ve had my share of nice dicks, but your dick is fucking better.”
“I fucking told you,” said Rosa. “His dick is the fucking best.
You’re fucking lucky I shared since I wanted him for myself.”
She goes down to suck his dick and sees it soaked with Bella’s cum
She holds it up to her lips and caresses it with her tongue
“Oh Bella, you taste delicious,” she tells her and starts to laugh
“I’d never expect that you’d have fucking honey in that ass.”
She slurps it all and swallows and then gives Bella a wink
“If you weren’t my fucking sister, I wouldn’t know what to think.”
Bella bends down to talk to her and meets her face to face
“Of course I do,” she tells her, “now give me a fucking taste.”
The both of them lean in closer and they share a little kiss
Then Rosa begins to turn her head and opens up her lips
She slides her tongue in Bella’s mouth and Darien’s surprised
He really can’t believe what he’s seeing before his eyes
They’re kissing right here before him; this is really crazy shit
And Rosa’s fucking itching to get a piece of his dick
It all really amazes him; it’s not what he expected
He’s always had threesome fantasies but never would suggest it
He thought it was disrespectful to approach women like this
How could he ask one woman to give another a kiss?
Or suck each other’s nipples or play with each other’s twats
Or worst of all to ask them both to share one fucking cock?
It’s all fucking amazing that this would happen to him
It all seems so debauched, but that makes it the perfect sin
He really feels quite evil; it’s devilish to a tee
And yet he really loves it; he wonders how this can be
He’s feeling just like a demon invading these women’s thoughts
Finding their hidden fantasies; inhibitions are lost
Bringing them to the surface where fantasies come to life
If only every day could be just like it is tonight
Where women can feel relaxed and can get in touch with themselves
And share secrets that they wouldn’t dare with anyone else
Where he can make it about them and they’ll lose themselves with him
And he can spend all evening just getting under their skin
He watches Rosa and Bella as they wrestle with their tongues
He finds them so amazing; he’s having a lot of fun
He could spend the whole night sitting there, watching them do this shit
Fondling one another just inches above his dick
Giving him a performance that’s out of this fucking world
He’s utterly blown away by these two exquisite girls
And like some sort of afterthought, they look in his direction
Rosa quickly leans forward and grabs onto his erection
“It looks like we’re neglecting you,” she looks at him and says
“I wonder what kind of nasty thoughts are running through your head.
You look so fucking lonely…just you and your lovely dick.”
And that moment, she leans in to kiss him on the lips

Wicked Little Monsters

“Alright, Darien,” she tells him as she scans him up and down
“I’m not really impressed yet. Drop your boxers to the ground.
The way that Rosa tells it, you’ve got a nice hunk of meat.
But before I can believe that shit, I have to fucking see it.”
Now Darien’s feeling quite confused at Bella’s odd request
But Rosa did advise him that her sister was direct
He looks over at Rosa and back to Bella again
Then Bella smirks and tells him, “I know you heard what I said.
Rosa was going on about your record-breaking dick.
But from what I’ve fucking seen so far, I think she’s full of shit.
And since you’re Rosa’s friend, it’s your duty to prove me wrong.
Don’t be a pussy, Darien. Show me your fucking dong.”
And at that point, Darien can tell that Bella isn’t playing
He can tell that this is not going to play out a different way
She wants to see his dick; there’s an evil look in her eye
She’s ferociously determined, not willing to be denied
He slowly undoes his buckle, and then he pulls down his zipper
She starting to get impatient and yells at him, “Do it quicker!”
He quickly undoes the rivet and he grabs on to his waist
He drops his pants and sees the expression change on her face
Her eyes are opened wide and her lips have now formed an O
What thoughts are running through her head? He’s pretty sure he knows
“What the fuck am I looking at exactly?” Bella says
“Is that a human penis, or a fucking toddler’s leg?”
She looks over at Rosa with terror inside her eyes
“And how the fuck,” she asks, “did you get out of this alive?”
Rosa can only laugh now at Bella’s apparent shock
She takes a break and tells her, “Just look at that fucking cock.
I’ll be honest with you, Bella, I had an exquisite time.
His dick was so delicious. I had an amazing ride.
You’re lucky I fucking told you. I wanted him from myself.
I wasn’t sure that I wanted to share him with someone else.
But Bella, you’re my sister, and I love your ass so much.
And I thought it only right that both of us should share a fuck.”
And as they sit discussing an evening of kinky fun
Darien stands half naked and forced to twiddle his thumbs
It seems that they’ve forgotten this gentleman standing here
His trousers at his ankles; his cock and balls cold and bare
He listens as they talk about passing him ’round and ’round
And wonders how much longer his jeans will stay on the ground
He then slowly bends over and struggles to pull them up
And as he pulls them on, he hears someone say, “What the fuck?”
He looks up at the sisters and sees that they’re clearly pissed
And Bella says, “Who told you that you could cover your dick?
I haven’t yet had my way with you. So you need to undress.
I’ll honestly admit that the sight of you makes me wet.
When Rosa first confided in me, she called you a beast.
And right now, I’m excited to sample you in the sheets.”
“Why don’t you take your shirt off too?” Rosa quickly chimes in
“I think that we should let Bella have a look at your skin.
Let her look at your muscles, admire your rippling flesh.
Look at his sexy abs and arms, and at his sexy chest.”
And as he removes his clothing, it starts to feel really weird
For him to be buck naked before them, just standing there
Just letting them admire his body from head to toe
It’s quite an exhibition and they both enjoy the show
“I’d love to lick your nipples,” says Bella. “I’d love a taste.
You really are delicious. I’m betting that you feel great.
You’re skin is just like mocha, and I love your sexy lips.
I’d love to feel you tear my pussy open with your dick.”
He’s starting to feel more confident the longer he’s desired
The thought of Bella craving him makes him start to perspire
The thought of her and Rosa just begging him to be fucked
Is more than he imagined; he just can’t believe his luck
He finally kicks off his jeans and starts heading towards the bed
They both look at him puzzled, unsure of what to expect
They now stare at him lustfully, especially his ass
They love his big broad shoulders and the muscles in his back
He walks up to the bed and slowly crawls under the sheets
He looks at both of them and knows they like all that they’ve seen
He’s in an odd position, but it could always be worse
And so he looks at both of them and says, “Ok, who’s first?”

Lustful Indiscretion

She’s snuggled up beside me as we try to get some rest
With my arm around her shoulder and her head against my chest
The air condition’s blowing hard; the room is really cold
And I listen as her breathing synchronizes with my own
I lie staring at the ceiling; something wet rolls down my side
I look over and I see a tear come streaming from her eye
“What’s wrong?” I quickly ask her, not quite sure what’s on her mind
She wipes her eyes and turns her back to me and says, “I’m fine.”
I find it hard to trust her words, and so I ask again
“No, what’s going on?” I turn and face her as she finally says
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do this,” she sniffs and softly sighs
“I didn’t mean to get emotional or even fucking cry.
It’s just that lying here with you just feels so goddamn good.”
I still didn’t see her point; what was it I’d misunderstood?
“Well if it feels so good,” I asked, “why are you so upset?
I might be wrong, but most people don’t cry right after sex.”
She laughs and starts to sniff and says, “Oh no, the sex was great.
Returning to my husband, that’s the shit I really hate.”
“Excuse me, what?” I quickly asked. “What was it your just said?”
She fires back, “I said ‘my husband’. Shit! What, are you deaf?”
And now I’m mad, “Ok, hold up. Just what the fuck is this?
First, you told me you were single. Now you’re changing up? What gives?
If you’d told me you were married when I met you, then that’s cool.
But not after we’ve been fucking. Jesus, I am such a fool.
You know, I think I’ll fucking leave now,” I jump off the bed
After what she just confessed to me, I’m starting to see red
I grab my boxers, put them on, then quickly grab my jeans
This has got to be the weirdest shit I’ve ever fucking seen
I pull my pants on, grab my shirt, pull it over my head
I take a quick glance at the bed; she’s sitting on the edge
Her back is still turned to me and she’s staring at the wall
Is she going to tell me something else, or is that really all?
At this point, I’m just really mad, and so I turn to go
But right before I open up the door, she yells out, “No.”
I stand there for a second, and I slowly turn around
She slowly walks towards me and her head is hanging down
“Please don’t leave like this,” she begs me. “I want a chance to explain.
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’m not into playing games.
When you met me, you told me that you didn’t have a wife.
And I found you irresistible, so I just had to lie.
I thought that I might scare you off if I told you the truth.
So I told you I was single, and now we’re here in this room.”
She stood up there in front of me; her eyes were red from crying
“I had to have you,” she tells me now. “And so I started lying.
When you walked in that bar downstairs, my heart began to race.
You just had the cutest fucking smile and such a handsome face.
Those clothes you wore just fit so well. And, God, I love your lips.
I knew I couldn’t rest until I felt them on my tits.”
And as she stood there talking, I saw the look on her face
And I could tell that I wasn’t leaving this room today
She took a step towards me, and she softly told me, “Please.
I’m sorry that I lied to you. But please, baby, don’t leave.”
Her arms were on my shoulders and her lips we touching mine
I wanted to push her off of me at that moment in time
But then I touched her body and the softness of her skin
Refocused all my attention, and she slowly pulled me in
She slid her tongue between my lips and slipped it my mouth
And as her tongue caressed my own, I felt a growth down south
She pressed her body up on mine and pinned me to the door
And then before I knew it, my pants were down on the floor
Her hand was in my boxers, and my dick was in her palm
That hotel room was freezing, but her hand was nice and warm
She stroked my dick and squeezed it; it got stiff right in her hand
“Oh God, I love your dick,” she said, “you sexy fucking man.”
I held her there within my arms, my lips still touching to hers
I’d almost left a while ago; this shit is so absurd
I wanted to be deep in her, biting down on her neck
Feeling her nails dug in my back as I squeezed on her breasts
The lies had lost all meaning; and before I could object
She was leading me back in the room and right back to the bed
My pants were by my ankles and dragging along the floor
And with every step I took, I’d end up wanting her much more
And when we made it to the bed, she quickly pushed me back
As I fell onto the mattress, my belt buckle made a clack
She quickly pulled my pants off, and then pulled my boxers down
In a mere matter of seconds, all my clothes were on the ground
She was on her knees above my crotch, my dick still in her grip
And then I felt myself slide right between her pussy lips
“Oh God,” she moaned as I slid up. “Oh shit, you’re dick is big.”
While my left hand squeezed a nipple, the other caressed her hips
I could feel her goose bumps rising up; that shit was fucking hot
And she slowly raised her hips up and started riding my cock
Her pussy was really fucking wet, and really fucking tight
Even though I was upset, I still wanted to be inside
Somehow, when she had made me mad, she also made me hard
And although I’d really planned to go, I wouldn’t go that far
I’d probably just turn back around and walk back to her room
I’d throw her down and then we’d fuck all through the afternoon
And as she rode my dick, her tits were right there in my face
Rising and falling right before me as she kept her pace
I craned my neck up slightly and gave her nipple a lick
Then I held it in my teeth and squeezed, and she cried out, “Oh shit!”
Her pussy was so warm and wet; it grabbed onto my dick
And as she stroked me up and down, my dick got nice and slick
I held onto her hips and thrust my dick deep up inside
And every time I hit her cervix, her eyes opened wide
“Oh Jesus, keep on doing that,” she purred into my ear
I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her body near
My dick still deep inside her cunt, we rolled onto her back
I was in complete control and we were both just fine with that
Her thighs were opened wide as I went deeper with each thrust
The slaps of our flesh echoed mixed with her cries of, “Oh fuck.”
She dug her nails deep down into my hot and sweaty skin
Even though I knew the truth, I had wanted to just give in
Just as she’d said she wanted me, I’d also wanted her
And what we gave each other was the fucking we deserved
Her husband briefly came to mind, but that thought was to fade
“Oh my fucking God,” she cried out at the moment when she came
I felt her lips upon my neck; I felt her start to suck
And then I felt her bite me hard; I love when she gets rough
With every penetration, she pushed back and I’d go deep
I could feel her pussy squirting and it soaking in the sheets
“Oh God, oh God, keep fucking me,” her voice filled up the room
I was doing all I could to keep from shooting off too soon
Her nipples were so stiff I felt them poking in my chest
So my bent my head down promptly to start sucking on her breast
I kept my pace up, going deep with steady rhythmic strokes
As I bit into her nipple, her body could barely cope
Her nipples were very sensitive; the instant I bit down
I felt her start to tremble and she made a gasping sound
“Oh fuck, baby, that feels so good. Keep doing that,” she cried
And I sucked her nipple harder as I went deeper inside
I couldn’t have her enough, and I could tell she felt the same
Our bodies became entangled, burning hot much like a flame
The thought of her going back to him had me feeling enraged
She wasn’t mine to keep, but she was mine the past few days
She was mine when we were in my room, fucking there on the floor
She was mine inside the shower; she was mine against the door
She was mine inside her bed and mine, and now in hers again
It pained me that she’d have to go, and all of this would end
And so, it was decided that if she was to go back
Then I’d make sure that she’d think of me, and what her husband lacked
“Ok baby, turn over,” I told her and she obeyed
With her face down in the pillow, her pussy was on display
I slowly came up behind her, placed my right hand on her hip
As I slid right up inside, I let my left hand guide my dick
She bit down into the pillow to try to muffle her cry
But I knew that she enjoyed every second as it went by
Yet again, my dick was buried deep and she was pushing back
Her ass was just so perfect; I had to give it a slap
“Oh yes, baby,” she purred, “go on. Please, do that one more time.”
I gave her ass a harder slap; the second time, I smiled
With every stroke, I’d slap her ass, and every time she’d cry
Her ass was sore and red after I’d slapped her that 8th time
For now, it seemed that she was mine to do as I desired
So I pinched her on her ass; I know that shit burned like a fire
“Oh fuck,” she screamed; it turned me on, so I did it again
I would alternate from slaps to pinching; God, her ass was red
I was going deep inside her, banging hard against the top
She’d push back, I’d hit her cervix and she’d beg me not to stop
Her pussy was feeling so damn good; I felt that tingling rise
It wouldn’t take me long to shoot off deep between her thighs
She pushed back her ass against me, and my pace quickly increased
The feeling was building up much faster than I could believe
I slapped her across her ass again; her breathing was fast as well
I could feel the surge beginning and my dick began to swell
“Oh fuck, baby, I’m going to cum,” the words flew out her mouth
And almost simultaneously, I heard myself cry out
I exploded deep inside her; she orgasmed just the same
All at once, we’d reached the climax of our dirty little game
I could barely hold my balance; that orgasm left me weak
I collapsed and feel beside her as she crawled under the sheets
We were right back where we started trying to get a little rest
With my arm around her shoulder and her head against my chest
I know the truth about her now, but I don’t really care
I kissed her upon her forehead, ran my fingers through her hair
“My husband is nothing like you,” she finally starts to speak
“He won’t so much as say one word to me. He goes away for weeks.
He tells me it’s all for business, but I know that it’s just lies.”
And again I feel the wetness of tears falling from her eyes
I tell her it’s not important, “You don’t have to say a word.”
“But I want to,” she insists. “This here is just what I deserve.
He never fucks me the way you do. We don’t have sex at all.
He’s too busy making money or talking on conference calls.
That’s exactly why I’ve been at this hotel all fucking week.
Since he’s off handling his business, I decided I would cheat.”
She started to tell me everything and what her husband did
That he made all of this money, but didn’t want any kids
I just leaned back and let her talk; it wasn’t my concern
She kept talking; I just listened without saying a word
And when she told me she loved me, I told her I loved her back
I wasn’t just trying to be nice; I was simply stating a fact
I reflected on my time with her which was about to end
And then I leaned in and kissed her, and I fucked her once again

Because of You: Part 4

It’s all over now
I finally feel better
I can finally fucking move on
I let you go
And I’m so much better for it
You showed me who you really were
What you really want
What I would have had
If I’d stayed with you
Life is better now
The sun is still bright
Colours are still vibrant
I know what I really want
I know what I really deserve
And it’s more than you could give me
Thank you
For hurting me
For being a bitch
For making me hate you
You showed me what I didn’t want
And now I know what I do want
I met someone today
She’s not perfect
But then again, no one ever is
She might not make everything else cease to exist
The earth might not fall away
But that’s ok
I can live with that
It’s my own fault for making you into more than you could have been
More than you wanted to be
And for that I apologize
I was too blind to see that you’re just as human as I am
And we’re all fucked up
But that’s ok
I can live with that
I can now accept people as they are
Flaws and all
Only time will tell how things work out
We live and we learn
And we grow wiser
So thank you for the lesson
I understand life better now

Because of You: Part 3

I look at you now, and I just don’t know what to think
Who the fuck are you?
Why the fuck am I still with you?
What the fuck did I really see in you to begin with?
I suppose it was your pretty face
But that’s just not enough anymore
It could have been your lovely voice
Your sexy smile
Your flirty laugh
But all that shit makes me sick now
You make me sick now
I can’t stand to be around you
To hear your voice
To see your face
To feel your touch
I can’t stand you
Once, I loved you more than anything else
I admired you
I put you on a pedestal
I worshipped you
But it wasn’t enough for you
You had to go and question things
You had to test me
You had to push me away
You had to hurt me
And now I hate you
I hate everything about you
I even hate the fact that I loved you
I hate myself
Because of you
I hate my life
Because of you
I hate everything
Because of you
You fucking cunt
I wish I’d never met you
You fucking bitch